Medisys Double Mass Gainer, 3kg

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  • Medisys Double Mass Gainer is a unique blend of balanced carbohydrates and proteins fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that relieves the muscle fatigue after exercise.
  • Medisys double mass gainer includes fast digesting whey protein which is rich in amino acids that gets easily absorbed in your muscles and fuels for muscle recovery. On the other hand, casein protein which is absorbed slowly helps in his formation of new muscle tissues. Whey and casein protein together helps to achieve lean and toned muscle build.
  • Medisys double mass gainer not only contains 22 vital vitamins and minerals that relieves muscle fatigue after exercise but also contains fibres that helps to improve better absorption of all nutrients and better digestion to give your body a support it needs to pack on lean muscle.
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Mass gainers are commonly the bodybuilding supplements that are usually composed of both high and low glycemic, carbohydrates, proteins (generally in the form of calcium caseinate, milk and whey protein) and other nutrients that include vitamins and minerals. Benefits •It consists of fibres for better digestion. •It includes fast and slow digesting proteins for lean muscle build-up. •It contains macro-nutrients for long lasting energy and increase the muscle power Suggested use: •Add 1 heaping scoop (75g) to 180 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Blend for 45-60 seconds for a thick and creamy shake. Take 1-4 such shakes per day to build lean muscle mass. •Take it during breakfast, in post-workout, in –between meals and before bed. Caution •Not suitable for lactose intolerant people as this product consist of milk and milk derivatives. •Not for phenylketonurics. •This product is a dietary supplement not for medicinal use. •Consultation with healthcare professional or dietician is required before consuming this product: Diabetic patients, pregnant or lactating women, patients suffering from other diseases.




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